Design and art direction for limited edition packaging design, 2021.

Invincible Brands


HelloBody Summer Shimmer Oil. The layout is based on modern, bold, and vertically placed typography. Our main hero is the word Summer, which stands for the freshness and playfulness of the season. Subtle, summery colors refer to two main ingredients of the product: Marula (yellow) and Pomegranate Oil (pink). The packaging is elegant, yet very graphic and playful.

HelloBody Summer of Love, Global Limited Edition of body scrub and yoghurt. The visual concept for these packaging is inspired by the freedom and energy that summer gives to all of us. When both of the jars stand next to each other, the pattern creates one piece. The abstract, freehand painted shape relates to HelloBody visual world, as well as summerish elements such as water reflections, prints on the sand, summer structures like delicate ice cream, freshness and the power, that we take from these long sunny months. 

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